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The KAFCE Educational Program Committee in cooperation with your area and county FCE Educational Program Committee representatives and K-State Research Extension provide the following programs for the members in 2017.  The Theme is "FCE-BETTER LIVING THROUGH WISE CHOICES." These lessons are available to KAFCE members.  Non-members interested in these lessons should contact webmaster@kafce.org



"What's In Your Jar" Gain ideas on planning and preparing nutritional meals in advance. Learn which foods adapt well to jar salads. Review food preparation, food safety, and food storage methods.

"Laughter Is Good Medicine"
Recognize the physical holistic benefits of laughter yoga.  Learn to laugh as a form of exercise.  Practice laughter yoga by self, with a partner or in a group.



"Your Financial Goals"- Are They Healthy And Manageable?" Help create, share and outline steps to prepare for Financial Success. 



"Safety First....Be Prepared" Learn how to protect yourself, how to identify warning signs and know when to get out of harms way.




Learn what caring means, and words and actions that show caring.  Learn to recognize opportunities where we can be more caring to others.









2017 K-State Family Consumer Science Lessons



"Is it Safe? Information on Genetically Engineered Foods For Consumers" Consumers are increasingly interested in where their food comes from, and may be concerned about the health implications of various food production methods.  With many different terms, such as "organic", "natural," "GMO-free," "local," and "sustainable" being used today in food marketing. It is very confusing for consumers to know how they should spend money when purchasing foods.  This lesson will  provide an introductory overview to some of the benefits of genetically engineered (GMO) organic and conventionally produced foods, as well as consumer concerns with these products.  In addition, the lesson will provide information on some of the nutritional content and food safety differences and similarities between organic and conventional food products.

"Aging Alone By Chance or Circumstance, We All Need Someone"
As we grow older, our needs change.  As much as we like to be independent, we can't do everything by ourselves.  This lesson explores the reason why aging alone is difficult and what we can do to help ourselves and others through these confusing and difficult times.


"Fixing Funky Foods" Each year over 20,000 new foods are introduced on grocery store shelves.  In addition to new foods, a larger variety of fruits, vegetables and grains are being added to even small town grocery stores,  This lesson will cover a variety of foods that date as far back in history as Babylon in 3000 B.C.  Included for each food are the nutritional benefits, a way to prepare, and history or interesting facts.  The goal of the lesson is for participants to add variety to their diet by adding nutrient dense foods that they were not familiar with before the lesson.  Recipes will be provided for a majority of the foods that could be used to enrich the lesson. 


For More Information contact webmaster@kafce.org