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  2013 Heart of FCE Winner

Valdimer Bairow



2013 Essay & Artwork “Trustworthiness” Kansas Winner    2nd Place National Winner  Brooke Hammeke, Lewis Elementary School, Lewis Kansas







Emphasis will be given to reported teaching actions/activities from Kansas FCE or National FCE programs, the number of people reached by the action/activity and the number of FCE members and others involved with the action/activity.



First Place:   Ideal FCE    Labette County      SE Area

Citizenship- Let the community realize how their action contributes to good citizenship.  The unit gave informative program, four display boards on good character, general citizenship, voting and diversity.  Displays were at the Parsons Senior Center, county fair and KAFCE State Conference.


Second Place:  Sliferette FCE   Crawford County   SE Area 

More Plants on the Plate- Inform the community of the plant base foods to promote health and low in calories and fat.  Did displays at local library county fair and KAFCE State Conference.


Third Place:    Movers and Shakers FCE   Smith County   NW Area

Citizenship- Make people aware of voting requirements.  Worked with Smith County Clerk for requirements and polling information.


Honorable Mention:   Happy Homemakers FCE   McPherson County    SC Area

Just Say Cheese--Increase awareness of the different kinds of cheese; publish researched data, presented ways to serve cheese.





Emphasis will be given to projects directed toward changes that benefit families and communities through the effective use of leadership skills using Kansas FCE or National FCE programs.


First Place: No Winner at State Level


Second Place: Rock n Roll FCE  Neosho County SE Area

Social Networking: Making the Connection to Generation Y--Make our members and the public aware of implications, good and bad, of different types of social networking.


Third Place:  No Winner at State Level





This award is based on action/activities sponsored by the FCE, County, Area, State, which benefit the communityVolunteer hours should be recorded in the FCE’s minutes.


First Place:  Holbert Homemakers FCE   Rooks County   NW Area

Citizenship--Identify needs in our community; to plan activities to meet those needs and to get more involved in volunteer community program


Second Place:  Buckeye FCE  Ellis County   NW  Area

Living Long Distance: Families Separated by Distance--To give comfort to children away from home due to illness.


Third Place:  Jocoukans FCE, Johnson County   NE Area

Citizenship-- Make life easier for residents of Overland Park Nursing Home by putting bird feeders on the grounds and give each resident a birthday card.


Honorable Mention:  Sunny Sunflowers FCE  Hodgeman County  SW Area

Books the Other Channel-- Promote literacy for children and adults of all ages.





2012 County Council Project Summary Award Winners

State Winners
EDUCATION: First Place: Montgomery County, Southeast Area
More Plants on the Plate Promote healthy eating in the community and use pumpkins/squash. Shared samples of recipes and decorated tables.

EDUCATION: Second Place: Douglas County, Northeast Area
More Plants on the Plate: Set up booth at three locations. Served soup and had information regarding fruits and vegetables.

EDUCATION: Third Place: Neosho County, Southeast Area
Just Say Cheese: Share information with schools, apartment complex and family regarding the nutritional value of cheese and how to use cheese in everyday meals.

EDUCATION: Honorable Mention: Pottawatomie County, Northeast Area
Just Say Cheese: This lesson is good for all ages. It is important to know the nutritional value of cheese because it basically is a concentrate form of many nutrients of milk.


ACTION: First Place Tie: Labette County, Southeast Area
Citizenship Promote active citizenship by getting more in our county to vote in the general election.

ACTION: First Place Tie: Shawnee County, Northeast Area
Citizenship Helped in soup kitchen and homeless shelter. Provided time at different charities along with bedding, food, clothes, school supplies, etc.




First Place Spring Hill FCE Johnson
This is based on the education program lesson: ____Making Alzheimer Activity Aprons____________
Brief description of action/activities: The Knights of Columbus donated aprons and we sewed
buttons, ribbons and other sewing notions for the Villa St. Francis nursing home.

Second Place  Broderick FCE Pottawatomie County
This is based on the education program lesson: __Give A Backpack……….Fill a Heart
This is an ongoing project of making and filling backpacks. Members
collected fabric and rope to make packs and donate them to kids in the area. They
were filled school supplies.

Third Place  Ideal FCE Labette County
This is based on the education program lesson: Staying Connected to Community
Brief description of action/activities: Volunteered time and monitary donations to the Parsons
Senior Center and Free Health clinic.

Honorable Mention Starlite FCE  Bourbon County

This is based on the education program lesson: _____Tri Valley Developmental Services__________
Brief description of action/activities: Help support client projects and activities of Tri Valley Development Services as they are often forgotten. Collected paper for the paper drive and prizes for the Bingo.





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